BIG Carl, the world's largest land-based crane, completed one of its heaviest lifts at the Hinkley Point C construction site last week.

Recent snaps show Big Carl – which is up to 250 metres tall – lifting a 750-tonne polar crane onto the first reactor building.

Now, a video Hinkley Point C posted on X - formally known as Twitter - shows each moment of the machinery carrying out the operation.

It has been viewed over 3,000 times on the social media platform.

A Hinkley Point C spokesperson said: “The crane will rotate above the reactor and move equipment around during construction and operation.

“It takes us a big step closer to installing the dome, which will close the roof of the building.”

The polar crane will be able to complete a full 360° rotation at the building's apex. Its tasks will include installing the reactor unit and steam generators.

When the power station is officially in operation, the crane will serve a maintenance role, including performing refuelling operations.

Completing the polar crane's installation is one of the final steps in equipping the reactor building before the dome is secured in place.

Hinkley Point C is set to start generating power in June 2027.