A GIANT polar crane has been hoisted into a reactor building at Hinkley Point C.

New photos show 'Big Carl', the world's largest land-based crane, lifting the 750-tonne polar crane onto the first reactor building, making it one of the heaviest lifts ever carried out at the nuclear construction site.

The polar crane will rotate 360° at the top of the building and will be used to install heavy equipment during construction, such as the reactor and steam generators.

It will be used for refuelling and maintenance once the power station is up and running.

The installation of the polar crane marks the final stages of equipping the reactor building before the dome is set into place.

'Big Carl', capable of a single lift of 5,000 tonnes, is 250m tall.

Completion of Hinkley Point C, set to power six million homes, is expected in June 2027.