Bridgwater Men 4th 7, Somerset Gryphons 1

IT didn't take long for Bridgwater to get going as Burland scored two fine goals in the opening six minutes to put Bridgwater well onto the front foot.

After 15 minutes, with Burland having been substituted, Sims, Lewis, Will Baldwin, Rob Morrish and Laing all had chances, but it was Facey coming out on top and scoring a very good goal.

Gryphons put pressure on Bridgwater at the back but Rawles, Steve Morrish, Kettlewell, Alan Baldwin and Schwieso all defended well, with young debutant Brad Palmer keeping goal well. Another goal was to come in the half, with another effort going close from Lewis.

The second half was less frantic as Bridgwater rotated players. Rawles scored with a fine straight drive, Facey got another as Laing also got in on the action. With ten minutes to go the Gryphons scored a well deserved consolation goal.

Firebrands B 3, Bridgwater A 1

THE game started with Firebrands having a lot of possession and knocking the ball around really well.

Mike Morrish, Duncan Morrish and Ian Stradling in defence were put under a lot of pressure but were holding firm until a short corner from Firebrands squirmed past Bayley Chatwin into the corner of the goal for 1-0.

Bridgwater were being held to sporadic counter attacks but came close with shots from Rich Payne and Steve Turvey in the first half.

The home side doubled their lead early in the second half but Bridgwater replied as Tim Sullivan's pinpoint pass found Payne who shifted the ball for Bennett to cross for another tap in which Steve Turvey.

Bridgwater pressed for the equaliser with shots from Dan Pigden and Rich Payne but were caught on the break and lost 3-1.

Man of the match went to Bayley Chatwin.