THE first Elite Carp Angling Championships match got under way on Durleigh Reservoir.

The Carp Blogs Edd Wilcox landed the first fish weighing 16lb 8oz. Creative Baits Justin Hawkins landed the biggest fish of the event at 22lb 7oz.

LDM Baits and Bridgwater anglers Dan Hole and Danny ‘plucky ‘Clarke stole the day one show as Dan Landed seven fish wile Danny landed 6 fish form the two pegs nearest the far bank life boy Nash’s Adranio Mercato quickly landed the first fish of day two from one of the life boy swims.

Fourth placed, Velcoity Baits Dean ‘machine’ Goodwill gave a champions performance on day two in the race hut swim and was soon in first. Dan Hole responded by landing a double from the dam swim.

The mid-day action was consistent with most anglers landing multiple fish from the far bank and the odd fish from the lodge bank. Danny’plucky’Clarke came back by landing the biggest common at 18lb 14oz.

An hour to go and the top three were only separated by 13lb with both Danny and Dean amazingly on 141lb 14oz. Dan Hole was only one fish away one 128lb 4oz.

In total, 54 fish were landed over the weekend but on the horn the winner was Dean ‘machine’ Goodwill by way of the most fish rule.