Saturn 33, Vivary 39

AFTER an explosive start, both teams were drawing at quarter time.

Vivary pulled away slightly in the second quarter, with the home side picking up the pace to their game.

Saturn’s defence battled to keep the ball away from the shooters with everyone giving 100%.

Saturn’s attack played well, passing the ball around the circle and back to re-set the game until the shot was on.

This worked really well and, along with some fantastic shooting from Sarah Perry (GS) and Karis Holleron (GA), kept Saturn in the game.

The final quarter saw more changes, giving the team a boost of energy.

Both teams fought to the final whistle, ending a brilliant game of netball.

Player of the match was Imogen Setter.

Neptune 44, Kestrels 28

NEPTUNE’S penultimate game of the season was away to Kestrels.

After a very even start the first quarter ended 10-10.

The second quarter saw superb shooting from both Karis Holleron and Lianne Fothergill which resulted in a half-time score of 17-24.

During the third quarter, great tips and interceptions from Morgan Middleton and good defensive circle play from Bex Dunn and Emma Downes restricted Kestrels to just two goals and a third time score of 19-36.

In the final quarter, great feeds in to the circle and energetic court play from Dawn Fothergill and Chris Durant ensured Neptune maintained their lead.

Joint players of the match were Lianne Fothergill and Morgan Middleton.

Venus 45, Tone 50

THE defensive team of Saskia Middleton and Alisha Gardiner played well against an experience attack, with support on the circles edge from Hollie Cornish, which enabled Venus to stay within two goals in the first two quarters.

Lily Rowland and Chris Shaw brought the ball safely and swiftly to the shooters, Sarah Perry and Mattie Williams, who rewarded them with accurate shooting throughout.

Mars 26, Quantock 63

MARS encountered a very experienced Quantock team this Saturday, and although they pulled together well and focused on the match throughout, Quantock were quick to convert any turnovers and increased their lead each quarter.

Chloe Trout (WD) Lily Rowland (C) and Aerin Phillips (WA) worked extremely hard to bring the ball down to the shooters, but Quantock were strong and accurately put away their shots to run out 63-26 winners.

Player of the match was Sophie Cornish (GS).