IN the Bridgwater Town & District Skittles League, B&A’s won by 40 pins at the Castle Club in Division 1, while second placed APS won by 14 pins at the Blake Hall and Slew- Ways won by four pins at the 37 Club.

In Division 2, Harvest Moon won by nine at the Malt Shovel and need to win their last game to be runners-up.

Third placed Travellers won by 26 pins at home to TFL despite 94 from Dean Mills.

Wanderers won by 48 pins at home to Bearded Tits in Division 3.

Rams won by 21 pins at home to Cobblers in Division 4 and Crazy Bunch won by 19 pins at the Bunch of Grapes, while Admirals won by five pins at the Crown Inn.

Hazelnuts had the biggest win of the week by 95 pins at home to Non Starters.

Globetrotters won by six pins at the Cobblestones against Coates Club.