COMMERCIAL Inn B played at the Squib A in Division A of the Bridgwater Town Skittles League and, after Derek, Nick and Neil Fear all hit spares, surged into the lead by 13 pins.

The lead was shortlived, however, as the home side raised the bar hitting a 90 to go 12 in front – Keith Clapp, Dave Smith and Ryan Morgan hitting the spares.

The lead changed hands twice more as, first, the away side, and then the home team pulled heavily. Come the final hand, Squib had left a target of 72 to win. Second man on, Derek Fear, hit a 15 spare to keep the team on track but, with no further spare coming, Commercial lost by two.

In Division B, British Flag A hosted Bunch of Grapes A and set an opening hand of 67, pulling eight. Flag appeared to be running away with the game until the fourth hand, when Bunch punished an out-of-sorts Flag and reduced the lead to single figures.

When Matt White hit a flopper in the final hand, another five were pulled by Bunch but it was too late and British Flag won by eight.

Flag’s flopper came from Darren Kitch in the penultimate hand.

Struggling Sydenham Centre A hosted Lions B in Division C, and lost nine on the opening hand.

Lions increased their lead on every top-tobottom hand and lost out on every bottom-totop hand. Sydenham left a target of 64 to win and, following a 14 spare as second man on, sevens and eights were all required to win by four.

Top scorer was Jon Rossitor with three spares, three nines and an eight, for 81.

In Division D, leaders Market A hosted Duke B, who kept them honest throughout.

Both teams led a few times each throughout the game but the winning hand appeared to be the fifth when the home side hit an 80 to give themselves a cushion of nine.

Duke won the following hands but, with only a handful of pins being recovered, Market survived to win by a single pin.

Top Scorer was Dan Cheese with four spares and three sevens, giving 78.

Results: Division A – Lime Kiln B 486 (Mark Hill 70), Blake Arms B 459 (Paul Meek 67); Squib A 516 (Liam Clapp 77), Commercial Inn B 514 (Neil Fear 79); Sportsman A 442 J West, S Moran 63), Great Western Club B 427 (Geoff Chapple 69); Bird in Hand A 492 Martin Coombes 70), Malt Shovel B 462 (Scott Vaughan 70); Cobblestones A 472 Graham Davey 68), Rugby Club B 427 (Graham Smith 60); Duke A 442 Ben Cleaveley 63), Squib B 415 (Simon Caddy 57); Malt Shovel A 429 A Parker, R Paull 61), The Market C 456 (Paul Bagg 67).

Division B – White Hart B 458 (Phil Elliott 76), The Market D 429 (John Knight 64); New ForestersA 503 (Wayne Stacey 72), Cross Rifles A 455 (Gary Court 66); British Flag A 468 (Darren Kitch 70), Bunch of Grapes A 460 (A Richards, M White 66); Commercial Inn A 475 (Chris Webber 90), Lime Kiln A 490 (Rob Sharman 78); Crown Inn A v New Foresters B (late card); Mansion House A, British Flag B (late card); Blake Hall A bye.

Division C – Rugby Club A 493 (Jamie Presdee 87), Blake Hall B 468 (Jordon Jenkins 66); Sydenham Centre A 471 (Jon Rossitor 81), Lions Club B 475 (Andy White 63); West India House A 435 (Kev Cummings 63), Crown Inn B 447 (Jason Crispin 64); Blake Arms A 477 (Andy Warren 66), Mansion House B 444 (Tim Hobbs 62); Great Western Club A 433 (Steve Cox 66), Sydenham Centre B 416 (Gary Crocker 60); River Parrett A 430 (Nick Painton 69), West India House B 422 (Dan Crook 60); Lions Club A bye.

Division D – New Market Hotel A (439 Rod Gowan 66), Cobblestones B 410 (Dean Bennett 60); The Market A 482 (Norman Hicks 72), Duke B 481 (Dan Cheese 78); The Market B 513 (James Cairns 82), Castle