Gems 59, Sharks 48

GEMS started strong in their match against Sharks of Yeovil this week.

Having being beaten by them two weeks previous this was a grudge match that Gems needed to win to still leave them in contention of winning the Premier league this season.

Gems were consistent in their play and with their passes and led 11-10 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter Gems showed their strength with Justine Pearn and Hannah Clapp shooting accurately, getting the better of the Sharks defence to lead 29-22 at half time.

In the third quarter Beth Fella, Rachel Lawrence and Danni Kierle were key in defence, pressuring the Sharks attack into making errors and then capitalised by picking up the loose balls and making some excellent interceptions.

In the final quarter, Kelly Thorne and Amy Witcombe supported the team well by staying calm, keeping possession and feeding precise passes into the shooters.

Gems won the match 59-48 and two thirds of the way through the season remain top of the Somerset Netball Premier League and continue in their fight to be champions.

Team man of the match was Justine Pearn and the umpires vote went to Beth Fella.