Somerset Cup second round

Sapphires 25, Babylon 52

SAPPHIRES were knocked out of the cup at the weekend after a 52-25 defeat to Premier Division side Babylon.

The first quarter finished fairly evenly at 12-8 but Babylon's defence were very tight and Sapphires were unable to make their shots count to make the scored 36-21 by the third quarter.

Well time interceptions from Carly Martin, Beth Fella and Rachel Lawrence, Sapphires made it difficult for Babylon to get the ball into the circle on the first pass. Player of the match was Carly Martin and umpire's player was Beth Fella.

Somerset Cup second round

Emeralds 29, Walton Blacks 50

EMERALDS worked hard to bring the ball into the attacking circle, with good linking work from Michelle Martin and Emma-Jayne Brown.

Shooters Roxy McDowell and Adele Ranford worked well in the circle and some great shots, but unfortunately, Emeralds met a strong Walton team who extended their early lead throughout the game despite strong defence from players of the match Rachael Coles and Emily Hoare.

Somerset Cup second round

Ambers 30, Canons 37

TASMIN Hembery and Michelle Parr scored some early goals, giving Ambers with a slight lead.

However, Canons defended well and were also on good shooting form despite strong defending from Molly Gould and Steph Riordan.

Ambers suffered two injuries during the game which meant Canons gradually gained a steady lead. Player of the match went to Tasmin Hembery.