BRIDGWATER Town's fixture headache is fast becoming a serious problem with club officials worried the league may step in to re-arrange their home matches, writes Daniel Milligan.

Ground staff at the club have been working tirelessly all week to drain the surface water from the pitch but the water at the south western corner of Fairfax Park is not budging.

Last Tuesday's scheduled derby clash with Taunton Town had to be postponed for a THIRD time and then Saturday's league match at home to Shortwood United also fell foul to the waterlogged pitch condition.

The club have even asked ground staff from other clubs to come and look at the pitch to see if they can offer any advice how to shift the water - but they are having no luck.

Secretary Roger Palmer told the Mercury: “It is very frustrating - if we have another few weeks of having to postpone games then we will have a serious fixture situation.

“We can clear all the fixture water but that corner of the ground is like a sponge and the water table is so high that it will just not go.

“If we were to try and soak it up with sand it would turn into quicksand and then we couldn't play on it anyway.

“We are up against the elements and what we need more than anything is a prolonged spell of dry weather.

"We are already looking at three games a week later on in the season and it could be a repeat of three years ago when we had up to four games in a week.

"We hope that games can go ahead soon or the league may force us to change where we play our home games but we will fight tooth and nail before that happens."

*THE club are confident that tomorrow's (Tuesday) clash with Wimborne will go ahead. They hope as many people as possible will support the team as they look to play their first match since January 8. Kick-off is 7.45pm.