THE Jubilee has brought out the best in Bridgwater and West Somerset. Everyone, everywhere, seems to have got stuck in.

The long list of special street parties, concerts and events will make history in itself, and the really encouraging element is that people have worked their socks off in a common cause.

It has all been voluntary with no shortage of volunteers.

Even the few hardened republicans I come across admit that they have quite a lot of admiration for the Queen.

The important thing about this celebration is that it has reunited people.

The pace of our busy lives sometimes stops us getting to know our neighbours better.

That’s a real pity, and perhaps it needed a great once-in-a-lifetime effort to break the ice again.

People have forgotten the problems of the economy, brought out the Coronation chicken, wrapped themselves in red, white and blue, and celebrated the one thing Her Majesty is rightly famous for – the wave, and, above all, the smile!