CAMPAIGNERS fighting to preserve the Somerset Levels will soon find out where a massive line of pylons or cables could go.

National Grid has revealed it is likely to announce in early November its preferred route to connect its substations in Bridgwater and Avonmouth, as part of a project to link up with Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.

It has already announced its broader route ‘corridor’ which will pass north from Bridgwater through parts of Woolavington and East Huntspill.

The announcement coming up will give firmer details of what will go where.

The National Grid originally planned for overhead pylons to line the whole route – prompting fury from lovers of the countryside – but now says underground cables will be used in some areas.

Paul Hipwell, of the No Moor Pylons group, said: “We know they are planning to put some of the line underground but we say put the whole thing underground.

“We want to protect the countryside – that’s the bottom line.

“We are all about protecting the future for our children. We want to be proud of what we have left them and I don’t think anybody would be proud about leaving 150ft pylons.

“Pylons are old technology. You don’t do things in the 21st century the same way people did in the 19th century.”

A National Grid spokesman said: “We are aiming for a date in early November.

“We have already announced the corridor; the next phase is deciding where on that corridor the route should go, and that will include an announcement on whether it’s underground or above ground.

“There will be a public consultation where people will have the opportunity to give more feedback.”