GREEN-FINGERED Hamp residents will benefit from a new community project to eat healthily for less.

Sedgemoor District Council, alongside various partners, helped create six large vegetable beds as a pilot scheme on the Hamp estate.

Four of the beds, measuring 4m by 1.2m each, were given to individuals from Hamp, with the remaining two allocated to Hamp ReCreation centre with a mixture of ten adults and children working together to grow their crops.

The project was funded with £1000 by SDC's Small Grants Fund which was given to Hamp Community Association (HCA) to complete the project with Homes in Sedgemoor providing the remaining funds.

Les Riddle of Hamp ReCreation said: “ReCreation were very pleased to be part of the Community Vegetable bed project and are looking forward to running a new set of activities such as 'earth to plate' where children use the vegetables they have grown to make healthy meals."

To suggest land for further projects call 01278-436439 or email