CHILDREN from Puriton Primary School celebrated the Jubilee by planting a tree, wearing red, white and blue, and making crowns and carriages.

Ben, five, and Ellie, nine, were chosen to plant the Jubilee memory tree because their birthdays were the closest to the occasion.

All the children were given the chance to dress up, and they also made Jubilee carriages and crowns, which were judged in a competition where the winners received Jubilee mugs.

Kate Cox, school administrator, said: “They had a lovely time and we had a massive Jubilee breakfast.

“We’ve also been learning about the history of the Queen and how she came to reign.”

A Jubilee cake was made by one of the parents to be auctioned off in a raffle which raised cash for children’s charity CLIC.

The charity is also the chosen charity of Olympic Torch barer Katrina Doyle, who visited the children.