A PENSIONER who fell and knocked himself out has thanked two mystery women who came to his aid and waited with him until the emergency services arrived.

Tony Fisher, 80, fell outside of Boots, in Fore Street, after suffering a bout of illness and hit his head on the ground.

The two women put him in the recovery position, put a coat under his waited and waited until Tony was taken to Musgrove Park Hospital shortly after.

He said: “I had the sickness bug and had popped into town. I came out of the shop and found my feet go from underneath me. I must have knocked myself out for a few minutes “The one lady put a coat under my head, then they put me in the recovery position – they were both first aiders. They called the ambulance and were wonderful. One wished me all the best while I was in the ambulance. It’s nice that strangers came to help.”

He thanked the two women for their help, along with the paramedics and a female police officer on the scene.

Daughter Alison Richards, who works at Children’s Social Care in Northgate, hurried to him as soon as she received the call from the paramedics.

She said: “It has restored my faith in humanity to know there are caring people out there. We are very grateful someone was with him at that time as it must have been quite frightening. It means a lot to my dad and our family.”