BRITAIN'S military campaign in Afghanistan is going backwards, according to the father of a Bridgwater airman killed in the country three years ago.

Graham Knight spoke to the Mercury after the third anniversary of the death of his son, Sgt Ben Knight.

Ben, a former head boy at East Bridgwater Community School, was killed along with 13 other servicemen when their Nimrod plane exploded over Kandahar on September 2, 2006.

Graham Knight said this week: “Ben would have wanted a better situation in Afghanistan and I do not agree with what's going on there at the moment.

“There is only so much the public can take of seeing soldiers being brought through Wootton Bassett - it is starting to grate on everyone.”

The war in Afghanistan has come under closer scrutiny in recent weeks with the number of British troop deaths passing 200 and allegations of corruption surrounding the country's recent elections.

Mr Knight added: “We were told the whole reason the country went into Afghanistan was to stop Al-Qaeda planting bombs in this country, but now they have moved away, why are we still there? We were told it was winnable.

“We have gone backwards since invading in 2001 and, if you look at the figures, more men have died since 2006 than in the four years previous to it.

“I would like the think the situation in the country will improve but our country is losing more troops than any other country involved in Afghanistan.”

Graham has added a tribute to his son via his memorial website, which can be found by clicking the related link.