A BRIDGWATER school has put forward plans to build a new car park amid concerns irresponsible parking is putting the safety of children at risk. 

Applicant, Somerset County Council, submitted plans on behalf of Hamp Nursery and Infant School and on Rhode Lane to create a new ‘green’ car park to replace their existing car park in order to meet safe guarding requirements.  

The proposed car park would be the same size as the existing car park, but it would be set in a new location, external to the school ground.

Michelle Martin, landscape architect for Property and Grounds said: "The current car park is located within the children’s play area.

"Vulnerable children’s safety has been compromised by running into moving traffic. 

"The schools current car park is located within the fenced curtilage which means children’s safety is compromised with moving vehicles being in immediate proximity with children during the school day.

"In order to meet safe guarding issues, the school wish to relocate the car park outside of the play area."

The new car park would be set next to three trees and the school’s boundary fence and parents would have access in and out of the car park via an existing access road. 

In their Autumn newsletter, the school said they have 'increasing safety concern for the children' as motorists are 'choosing to ignore the safety zig zags and double yellow lines.'

"We appreciate that drop-off and pick up times can be very difficult for parents and carers along Rhode Lane and parking spaces are hard to find close to the school.

"However, it is becoming an increasing safety concern for the children that a small minority of people are choosing to ignore the safety zig-zags and double yellow lines.

"In addition, some local residents have had access to their homes blocked and been verbally abused when they have asked if the car can be moved."

Comments are welcome on the application until November 28 after which a decision will be made by Sedgemoor District Council