ENMORE Primary School showcased the students’ musical talents at a special musical concert assembly.

Nine pupils took part in Friday’s concert, playing a range of instruments in front of the rest of the school, teachers and governors.

Deputy head Catherine Green, who organised the event, said: “The assembly started with Korben playing the trombone, followed by Isla on the piano and then Maisie on her flute. 

“Trystan exhibited his vocals with a rendition of Hushaby Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, accompanied by teacher Luke Green on the piano. 

“This was followed by a guitar solo by Oscar, and then Benji got everyone rocking with his drumming to the pop song Get Stupid. 

“Henri played the ukulele, then Sarah performed on her flute before the concert was brought to a close with Alex on the guitar.”

Mrs Green said the audience and performers thoroughly enjoyed the concert, and she hopes to make this a regular feature on the Enmore Primary School calender.

“These children have practised very hard to gain these musical skills and have shown great courage to stand up in front of their fellow pupils to perform. They all did extremely well,” she said.