THE Prince of Wales will return to the flood-hit village of Muchelney on Tuesday.

The royal visit comes five months after His Royal Highness visited the village by boat, the only way in and out of the area for weeks following severe flooding.

Meanwhile Muchelney residents are being asked to give their views on proposals for a raised road to secure access to the village in times of flood.

The scheme would see the first 500m of the Drayton Road from Muchelney raised by 60cm. This should maintain road access to the village if there is a repeat of last winter’s flooding that left the village cut-off for a prolonged period.

The scheme is being proposed as part of the multi-agency Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan. It is the Council’s preferred option following a feasibility study into possible ways of maintaining access.

Councillor John Osman, Chairman of the FAP Leaders Implementation Group and leader of Somerset County Council, added: “The Flood Action Plan is a major piece of work involving many organisations working together. It’s complicated and I’m sure all partners are glad to see projects moving forward.”

A spokesman for the council said until tenders for the work have been received, the exact cost of the scheme will not be known.

He added: “However, based on estimates from the feasibility study this option is considered the most affordable and could – subject to other factors such as the weather - be delivered this year.”

The scheme is being undertaken as part of the Somerset Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan (FAP) which is being delivered by a range of agencies coordinated by Somerset County Council.

For more information visit People have up until July 20 to comment.