MANY people who get to meet royalty would be on their best behaviour – but one cheeky resident managed to sneak a ‘selfie’ with the Earl of Wessex.

Liz Twose, from Westonzoyland, was among fellow members of the Somerset Emergency Volunteers group in Moorland to greet Prince Edward and wife Sophie during their trip to talk to those affected by the floods.

Whilst the Earl of Wessex made his way around the many faces that had turned out to greet him, Liz saw her chance and popped the rather peculiar question.

She said: “Before we went over to welcome Prince Edward to Moorland, I’d actually fallen over and bumped my head so I was checked over to make sure I hadn’t suffered concussion – I can’t quite remember it all.

“He was actually talking to one of the other members of the group when I went over and said ‘Can I have a selfie with you, please?’ to which he said ‘What do you want one of those for?’, and with that I had my arm around his waist and took the picture of us.

“They were absolutely marvellous and were really interesting and friendly to talk to.”