RESEARCH carried out by green energy company has shown Sedgemoor homes to be ‘most vulnerable’ when it comes to heating their homes.

PassivSystems research showed over a third (37%) of homes in Bridgwater and Sedgemoor are not connected to the national grid, meaning they must rely on oil and gas deliveries in order to heat their homes.

A spokesman for the company said: “People living in off-grid communities are always susceptible to volatile oil prices, delivery delays, accessibility problems, oil theft, isolation and panic buying.

“If they haven’t already bought their winter fuel then they could be left without heat or power in the New Year.”

PassivSystems has launched a ‘Heating the Community’ campaign to raise awareness of off-grid communities in the South West during the winter months.

Colin Calder, founder and CEO of PassivSystems added: “Our campaign will help those who are most deserving, who are cut off from the grid and forced to pay high fuel prices, and start a revolution against unaffordable energy costs.”