DREAM, believe, achieve.

As mantras go, these three words have held DIVERSITY streetdance troupe in awesome stead.

The Britain’s Got Talent winners are limbering up to make thousands of jaws drop at McBusted’s Weston Beach show on Saturday, June 28.

2014 is another adrenaline fuelled year for the London dance innovators with a Hyde Park performance and fifth mighty arena tour, Limitless: The Reboot’, lined up.

Pop star-packed Summer Weekender tickets to see McBusted with Diversity and South-West Live over June 28-29 – featuring Jessie J, Jason Derulo, 5IVE, Backstreet Boys, Katy B and The Vamps – start at £60 at www.aeglive.co.uk or www.uklive.co.uk.

Entertainment reporter DAISY BLACKLOCK meets Diversity’s Perri Kiely (“the kid with the hair who flips and gets thrown around!”) and Jordan Banjo.

Hi, another big summer ahead for Diversity?

Jordan: “We’re really excited to be going out there with McBusted, it’s been crazy.

“We’re still going strong, and we’re really proud.”

You’ve performed for lots of big audiences. Do you still get nervous?

Jordan: “I think any performance we do, whether it’s the 02 arena or only 300 people. We still get real nervous because it’s such a rush.”

What are you looking forward to about playing Weston Beach?

Jordan: “We perform big places all the time, but festivals have a definite vibe.

“Everyone’s ready to have a bit of a party. I’m looking forward to the atmosphere ’cos we haven’t performed outside in a while.”

What drives new routines? Is it always about an audience’s reaction?

Perri: “Ash choreographs, but we’re always looking for bigger and better ways to get the audience excited.”

What’s your training regime?

Jordan: “If we’re on a normal training schedule we get to the studio for 10am ‘til late, Monday to Saturday with Sundays off. If we’re preparing for tour rehearsals and routines, we can get there for 8am.”

Perri: “We try to stay as healthy as possible so we can work as hard as we can.”

Jordan: “But some are more regimented than others. I might have a quick Kitkat or TGI Friday’s every now and then!”

Michael Jackson is a massive inspiration to you...

Perri: “It’s really cool that no matter how old a person is everyone knows him. He was a legend.

"He got me into dance. He’s such an inspiration to everyone.”