STOP, sToP!, a hard-rock group from Barcelona, has one mission in mind: rocking non-stop.

The igh-energy trio – KISS-inspired Jacob A. M., cowboy hat-clad guitarist Vega and lion’s-maned drummer Danny Stix – made Somerset their base mid-2013, and it’s been a constant stream of UK shows ever since.

When pausing for breath, the band live in Taunton with Donna Holton – former wife to Heavy Metal Kids’ Gary Holton and girlfriend to Thin Lizzy’s Gary Moore – and her husband Tim Spalding.

So what’s in store for 2014? DAISY BLACKLOCK caught up with Jacob A. M…

You’re always touring! How is it going?

“We won’t leave the UK until people get sick and tired of us, haha! It’s going really good, we ‘don’t stop’ gigging all the time everywhere in this country, people here are always ready to rock and they usually love us!”

And the second album? 

“The new album is mastered and ready to go, we’re now waiting to get signed with a record label in Germany … if things go as we want, our second album ‘Join the Party!’, will be released next spring and it’s going to be distributed worldwide, so fingers crossed!”

What do you think of Somerset?

"We love the people here and everywhere in the UK... people are open-minded, generous, polite. If you’ve got any problem they’re always somebody happy to help you so we really love this great island; the only thing we can say is: respect.”

What do people get from a StOp, sToP! gig?
“We try to make people dance, sing, jump and get wild at our gigs and honestly, we get it every single night, so if you’ve never been in a rock party like this, dancing, jumping and going crazy, you know what you’re missing.”

o StOp, sToP!’s next gig is at 9pm on Saturday at Bridgwater’s Cobblestones. Visit for more details.