Results for Bridgwater Carnival 2011:

Tableaux Cart – Open

1 Overthrow Of The Tsar, Pentathlon CC
2 Way Out West, Huckyduck CC
3 Boo! Haunted House, Gemini CC
4 Get Orf My Land, Shambles CC
5 Parade of Dreams, King Williani CC
6 The War Game, Oasis CC
7 Mickey's Choo Choo Express, New Beginning CC

Feature and Tableaux Cart - Local

1 Jungle Drums, Gremlins CC
2 Haunted Mansion, VagabondsCC
3 Flying Machines Marketeers CC
4 Wackee Race, Wills CC
5 The Mississippi Queen, Destination Mardi Gras, Ramblers CC
6 Jackpot, Griffens CC
7 Welcome To: Gang Town, British Flag CC
8 Bugs, YMCA CC
9 Creep, Renegades CC
10 Santas Workshop, Centurion CC
11 Magic Masters, Cavaliers CC
12 Toyz, Crusaders CC
13 lnfernus, Lime Kiln CC

Feature Cart - Open

1 Baron Von Schmidtts International Flying Circus, Masqueraders CC
2 Yer Tis, Harlequin CC
3 Elf Made, Globe CC
4 Jurassic Warriors, Eclipse CC
5 Wagons Roll, Mendip Vale CC
6 Inca, Wick CC
7 Yea Ha, Sid Vale CC
8 Uprising, Westonzoyland CC
9 Downtown, Aliens CC
10 Candy Parade, Revellers CC
11 The Roaring 20s, Phoenix CC
12 Dragon Warriors, Gorgons CC
13 Fire and Ice, Hot Rock CC
14 Dragon Slayer, Club 2000
15 Sueno Espanol, Britannia CC
16 It's Snowtime, Cobra CC
17 GameOn, Fusion CC
18 Full Of Eastern Promise, Budleigh Salterton CC

Comic Feature Cart

1 Old Bazaar In Cairo, Newmarket CC
2 House Of Fun, Cary Comedians CC
3 Wearz Yer Binz, One Plus One CC
4 The Funky Tut, Just Georges CC
5 Bird Is The Word, Nunsford Nutters CC
6 Tie Kangeroo Down, Mardons CC
7 Jungle Rave, 2 R's CC
8 Wampant Wabits, Luckington CC
9 Scrumpy Smurfs, Wells & Glastonbury YFCC

Juvenile Cart

1 Diddy Men (Trip Through Notty Ash), Toppers CC
2 Twilight Express, Marina Sydenham JCC
3 One Way Ticket (To Make Believe), Hillview JCC
4 Lost Warriors, Quackers JCC
5 Space Pirates, Key Kids JCC
6 Don't Stop Believin, Rascals JCC
7 Monarch Of The Glen, South Brent CC
8 The Show Must Go On, Little Devils JCC
9 Back In Time, Bovey Tracey CC

Groups of Masqueraders Adult

1 Pandors's Quest, Motiv8 CC
2 This Is Africa, Xtreme CC
3 WlLF Airways Would You Fly In This Fokker!, Wilfs CC
4 Caught Short, Divas CC
5 Off The Rails, Mojo CC
6 The W.I., The W.I.
7 This Ain't Us!, Crazy Crew CC

Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile

1 Thriller (Michel Jackson Tribute), Bridgwater Belles
2 Down On The Farm, Avalon JCC
3 Toyz 2, Crusaders Cubs

Groups of Masqueraders (3 - 5)

1 Phoenix Rising, Next Generation CC
2 Celebration, Rainbow JCC
3 Down and Dirty At The Bottom Of The Garden, Nor-Manics CC


1 Enchanted Flight, Samvantra Juniors
2 Pumpkin Jack's Halloween Tour, Sheppard Family
3 It's A Wind Up, Kra kus CC
4 Cosmic Sparkle, Stardelights CC
5 Candy-mix, Angela & Dave Parker
6 Ruffle Your Feathers, Spirit Carnival Club
7 gi ANTS, Cousins CC

Single Masquerader Adult

1 Auto-Matik, A&A CC
2 El Fuego, Mike Daniells
3 L'art be Boules De Neige, Andrew Plummer
4 Guardian of the Parakeet (Psittacula Krameri), Roger Muspratt- Hamilton
5 Professor Rubik's Workout, Michael Churches
6 Kal-Iced-Oscope, Adam Cox
7 1066, Dave Arney
8 Tiger Warrior, Kevin Sivell
9 Mirror Mirror, Judy Williams
10 La Nuit Dee Musique, Abbie Haines
11 Hippy Hippy Shake Shake, C. Ann Cook
12 Green Fingers, Tracy Cook
13 Spot, Fantasy CC

Single Masquerader Juvenile

1 Upzndownz, Carina Haines
2 Keepers Of Time, Amy Pickersgill
3 "Off With Therz Heads", Excalibur CC
4 A Butterfly Fantasy, Rio Welsh
5 Pirate Gold, Mark Sivell
6 Pharaoh Surprise, A.J.CC Adrian J Pearcy

Skipper Cup - Best Decorated Towing Vehicle (Class 13): Haunted Mansion, Vagabonds CC

Wessex Cup – Best Dressed Towing Vehicle Driver (Class 14): Haunted Mansion, Vagabonds CC

Aquarius Cup - Best Costume (Mounted Entries): Overthrow Of The Tsar, Pentathlon CC

Bass Charrington Cup - Most Original (Mounted Entries): Boo! Haunted House, Gemini CC

BP Challenge Cup - Towing Vehicle & Driver (Local): Haunted Mansion, Vagabonds CC

Winslade Cup - Best Lighting (Local): Jungle Drums, Gremlins CC

Stan Bown Cup - Most Improved Local Mounted Entry: Flying Machines, Marketeers CC

Hardy Spicer Cup - Championship Cup (Local Mounted): Jungle Drums, Gremlins CC

Lions Cup - Championship Cup Runner Up: Welcome To: Gang Town, British Flag CC

Pariah Trophy - Longest Squib: Not Awarded

Jim Bailey Cup – Best Local Entry (Class 5): Old Bazaar In Cairo, Newmarket CC

Kevin John Pearce Cup - Best Local Entry (Class 6): Twilight Express, Marina Sydenham JCC

Gerald Wills Cup - Best Local Entry (Class 7): WlLF Airways Would You Fly In This Fokker!, Wilfs CC

Jerry Rossiter Cup - Best Local Entry (Class 11): Not Awarded

Geordie Adamson Cup - Best Local Entry (Class 12): Not Awarded