SEDGEMOOR District Council workers are expected to spend a total of 15 hours cleaning Bridgwater and North Petherton following this weekend’s carnivals.

The council employs 20 staff to sweep and collect rubbish overnight following each event, at a cost of nearly £10,000.

A council spokesman said it would take workers nearly eight hours to cover the two and a half mile route in Bridgwater – and longer if it is windy.

SEDGEMOOR District Council will work with police to tackle potential crime and disorder during the carnival season.

The council’s CCTV section will be monitored by an officer before and during events. And the council will use an event radio to be aware of any incidents and to talk directly to the police control centre.

AND mobile caterers and coffee stalls will be inspected prior to the carnival to check their hygiene levels.

Environmental health officers will inspect over 40 stalls to make sure the food and drink on sale meets their standards.