I’D just like to ask if anyone in Somerset, particular the Mendip/Street area, could help me restore my faith in humanity and the local people down there?

My partner and myself recently returned from a few days camping in the area, as we just wanted to get away for a bit and relax, especially as things have opened up more recently.

We both work for public services (Royal Mail/NHS) so have been working continuously through the pandemic, along with many many others.

I used to live in the area years ago when I was young and have spent some time before here since then, visiting relatives and the odd week on holiday, but I have never before encountered so many people in such a short space of time who were rude, grumpy and on two occasions actually verbally and almost physically aggressive.

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I’ll spare you all the details, and while I appreciate there are always two sides to any story, I can assure you in all good faith that those people involved seemed to react without any provocation and completely misunderstood and misread the situations.

So to the campsite owner near Street, the lady trying to very slowly reverse her car near said campsite, the Mercedes driver in Street and the woman in Waitrose in Wells, I can only say - good luck with your various issues and the way you seem to view others and your impolite/rude/aggressive behaviour.

I know there are good and bad people wherever you go, but having lived here previously I can truthfully say, you didn’t represent this lovely county in the best light.