I AM sorry to write again, but it has been some time since we discussed and people ‘s understanding of ‘merge’ lanes in Somerset does not seem to have improved.

Any driver CORRECTLY using the right-hand lane and looking to merge into one is still faced with inconsiderate, and poor drivers moving across both lanes in a bid to obstruct them.

They are still faced with ill-taught drivers who refuse to let them into the single lane as the end of the road fast approaches.

I can only urge, once again, these people to 1, calm down. Letting drivers in will not mean you are an hour later arriving at your destination.

And 2, please have a look at the Highway Code. Merge lanes are allowed, they are proper, and people using the right-hand lane are HELPING traffic flow.

If you use them correctly - or allow others to - you will only cut traffic, for yourself and others.

So please, drivers of Somerset, use merge lanes correctly, it is dangerous and just plain wrong not to.