Somerset-based Hannah Brooks has revealed how she turned her life around by working in the adult entertainment industry.

Hannah, now 30, started her working life as a dental nurse, working typical 9-5 hours in Somerset.

However, nine years ago, Hannah and her husband decided to give live webcam shows a try.

Along came OnlyFans, an internet content subscription service which is primarily used by explicit models. Since its creation in 2016, the site has gained unprescedented popularity; according to The Small Business Blog, OnlyFans statistics for 2023 show that the platform has over 170 million registered users. The platform also has over 1.5 million content creators.

With these figures, it comes as no surprise that many creators have decided to join.

The site acted as a launching point for Hannah's career, which her personal assistant can attest to: "Then along come OnlyFans which has been huge for her, giving her the lifestyle that she has always dreamed of."

Since then, Hannah has been building her personal empire, often working more hours than she did before.

Hannah said: "It's a seven day operation. I usually start with a live show in the morning and check emails, then I train. Then I'll have a break, check emails again and do another show."

Part of Hannah's daily routine also includes traveling to Ibiza and Las Vegas to film and produce content.

For Hannah, turning to OnlyFans has been a positive experience, allowing her to make money while doing something she enjoys but also letting her stay true to herself: "It doesn't feel like work.

"I've made a few million, but I'm a normal person."

Working in the adult entertainment industry often comes with some level of stigma attached, but this has not been something that Hannah has personally experienced when she explains to people what she does for a living. She adds: "People often react with complete intrigue. I've never had anyone be funny about it."

Although she already has a property located in the Sedgemoor District, Hannah is planning to buy a second property in Spain, so that she can split her time between the two and have the freedom to have a much-needed holiday when she chooses.

Hannah concludes: "If I can do it, anyone can."