SGB Premiership
Somerset Rebels 61, Leicester Lions 30
League points: Somerset 3, Leicester 0

A RUTHLESS performance against fellow SGB Premiership strugglers Leicester Lions saw the Somerset 'Cases' Rebels extend their advantage over the basement club, and left team manager Garry May in full admiration of the night's work, writes Stephen Allen.

Hitting the 60-point bracket for the first time ever in top flight speedway, the rampant Rebels earned praise aplenty from the boss, who said: "I had nothing to do tonight – the lads were so up for this one and they were superb.

"It was a terrific team performance and we were making it easier for ourselves by getting out of the gate quick.

"Our guests Adam Ellis and Kyle Howarth were excellent, but I think we saw what I have felt all along, which is we cannot be without Charles Wright.

"It was great to have him back from injury and what a return!

"His first full house, and we had the luxury of us not having to call upon our evening's top scorer in heat 15, as the result was well sewn up by then."

Wright, who has been a recent absentee through a bout of concussion, produced a sublime four-ride maximum on a night where the opposition, who were fielding a new-look side following the acquisition of one-time Rebel and axed Poole Pirate Kyle Newman at reserve, produced just two race winners all night.

Somerset rapidly moved into a double-figure lead within three heats, extending their 14-4 score to 18-6 as the first opportunity the Lions had to try and claw some big points back arose.

Kim Nilsson was handed the task of going for double points, a fact that appeared to escape the attentions of his team-mate Lasse Bjerre, who seemed more preoccupied in trying to get the better of Kyle Howarth himself that he pegged Nilsson back in third, and thus the visitors only benefited by one point.

A fine win by Lawson shared heat 6, before Aussies Josh Grajczonek and Jake Allen splendidly combined for a passing 5-1 over Todd Kurtz (Lions' guest) and Josh Bates.

Adam Ellis was impressive in heat 8 and partner Cameron Heeps supported well for more maximum points for the Rebels.

Wright stormed to his third victory against the recently dethroned British Champion Danny King in heat 9 before drama unfolded in the 10th.

An intriguing battle was about to unfold between King and Lawson, but King earned a disqualification for making an unwarranted move on the newly installed Rebels number one, from which thankfully Lawson was able to walk away, and then go on to triumph in the re-start.

Nilsson enjoyed a flier of a start in heat 11 and with Bjerre in tow the visitors claimed a heat advantage of their own, but two excellent rides from Wright, completing that maximum, and Ellis officially put any league points beyond the grasp of the Lions.

In her programme column May's co-promoter Debbie Hancock pleaded for a Rebels score that "would match the candles needed on the cake for May's forthcoming birthday [July 5] which they were going to celebrate post meeting" and the lady of the manor got more than her wish, as the Rebels fired two more maximums in heats 13 and 14.

Howarth then finished between the two nominated visitors in heat 15 for the 61-30 final scoreline.

Somerset (61): Charles Wright 12, Richard Lawson 10, Adam Ellis 9+1, Josh Grajczonek 8+2, Kyle Howarth 8+1, Jake Allen 7+2, Cameron Heeps 7+2.
Leicester (30): Lasse Bjerre 10+1, Kim Nilsson 7+1, Danny King 5+1, Kyle Newman 4, Todd Kurtz 2, Josh Bates 2.