Regional League 3 South
Cornwall Saints 76, Sydenham Gems 42

GEMS knew they were in for a tough match against Cornwalls Saints, but both teams started strongly, and it was goal for goal.

However, Saints' communication allowed them to get vital interceptions and take a 15-11 lead by the end of the first quarter. 

Going in to the second period, Saints' set-plays made it difficult for Gems to get the ball into the attacking circle and they soon pulled away to 38-19 at half time.

Amy (WD) pressurised each pass and caused disruptions to Saints' attacking play but the Cornish side continued to use their speed to increase their advantage.

Kerry Fellows (GD) communicated well, and despite Saints' consistency Gems did not lose focus.

Sammy Kemmish (GA) fought for loose balls, but Saints were just too far ahead, despite impressive play from both teams.

Player of the match: Sammy Kemmish; Umpires' player of the match: Kerry Fellows; Sponsor: M-Tech

Somerset Division 2
Sydenham Rubies 57, Walton Blacks 45

RUBIES played Walton Blacks as one of their first home fixtures of the season on a cold Saturday.

The hosts started well, with accurate shooting from both Justine Pearn and Carly Langdon ending the first quarter winning by eight.

In the second quarter, Rubies went a bit flat, allowing Walton to gain a few vital goals back, however, after a strong team talk at half time and a few switches in defence, they pulled their socks up and were determined to make the next a better quarter.

Centre court players Katie Dennison, Kirsty Richards and Steph Gibson worked the ball well down to the shooting circle with accurate passing and feeding.

The last quarter Rubies were back in the game with a great zonal defence by Dennison and Richards allowing Kerry Clark and Jess Bull to pluck balls from the air from Walton’s very strong attack.

Player of the match: Justine Pearn and Jess Bull; umpires player of the match: Kerry Clark, Katie Issitt and Jess Bull; opposition player of the match: Kerry Clark

Somerset Division 3
Wells Canons 52, Sydenham Emeralds 33

EMERALDS travelled to play Canons from Wells Netball Club on Saturday, and started the game with strong defence, stopping the opposing shooters from getting the ball.

During the second quarter Emeralds’ centre court players played efficiently, and kept the away side in the game.

The shooters then took advantage of loose balls and wayward passing.

Emeralds tired in the last quarter but never gave up against their table-topping hosts, putting in 100 per cent effort, as Canons won by a 19-goal margin.

POM: Katie Rowles; UPOM: Grace Morris


Regional League 2
Crossbow 94, Bridgwater Jupiter 25

JUPITER travelled to Yate to play top-of-the-table Crossbow.

With several players unavailable, several took to the court in unfamiliar positions against a very strong side.

Cerys Ethridge, starting at C, tried hard to feed the ball to the centre court players but Crossbow’s defence was immense and they soon capitalised on Jupiter’s mistakes.

Despite the best efforts of defensive duo of Eve Jenner GK and Sally Haysham GD Jupiter trailed the first quarter 32-5.

Jupiter entered the third quarter 55-13 down but the introduction of Julie McClean at WD resulted in Crossbow having their lowest scoring quarter.

The final quarter saw more changes but Jupiter were unable to stop Crossbow’s run of goals.

The result of this game did not reflect the amount of effort the whole team put into the game.

Player of the match: Cerys Ethridge; Opposition’s player of the match: Kia Jenner

Somerset Division 1
Bruton Robins 31, Bridgwater Neptune 15

NEPTUNE travelled to Bruton to play against a mature and experienced Robins side.

They made a slow start while the home side extended a strong five-point lead by the end of the first quarter.

Flora Horrox and Katie Harris worked tirelessly in the circle trying to hit the back of the net.

The defence of Abbie Newton and Emily Harwood battled and rebounded the ball as best they could but the experience of the home side unfortunately controlled the game.

Neptune did not give up and battled to the final whistle.

POM: Abbie Newton; OPOM: Cath Clark