Regional League Division 2
Jupiter 27, Babylon 51

BRIDGWATER Jupiter travelled to Yeovil in their fifth game of the season and gained a valuable point.

The visitors started positively and sharp shooting from Maddie Kennard and Kia Jenner ensured Jupiter finished the first quarter 10-16 down.

Despite good work by defensive trio Sally Haysham, Emily Bridges and Annia Holleron, Jupiter couldn’t improve the scoreline and trailed 29-16 at the break.

Jupiter restricted Babylon in the final quarter but struggled to convert their shots and finished up on the losing side.

Player of the match - Annia Holleron; Opposition’s POM - Emily Bridges.
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Somerset League Premier Division
Saturn 28, Newton 44

SATURN started strongly against Newton and defensive duo Eve Jenner (GK) and Rebecca Dunn (GD) put lots of pressure on the attackers, but the first quarter ended 5-11 to Newton.

The second quarter saw great teamwork and some lovely passes into the shooters Jessie Woodberry (GA) and Maddie Kennard (GS), but by half-time Newton had pulled further ahead.

After several changes, the third quarter brought some great interceptions by Aiste Mockeliunaite (GD) and Jenner (GK) and, despite a big effort in the last quarter, the final score was 28-44 to Newton.

POM - Jessie Woodberry; OPOM - Eve Jenner

Somerset Division 1
Neptune 20, Hendford 47

A VERY slow start from the Neptune saw them trail 17-2 at the end of the first quarter.

Neptune began the second quarter with more focus and matched the goal scoring of the Yeovil side.

With creative passing the Neptune side continued to improve and the final score of 47-20 did not reflect the outstanding individual play, particularly from Katie Anthony and Abbie Newton.

POM - Abbie Newton

Somerset League Division 2
Venus 38, Reckleford 49

A MUCH-CHANGED Venus made a strong start in their first away fixture, matching the home side goal for goal in the first 15 minutes.

They remained in contention for much of the game with 14-year-old Izzy Innalls (GA) making an impressive debut, while Kayleigh Martin-Haste (GS) finished with consistent accuracy.

Trailing by one goal, it was only in the final quarter that Venus allowed the game to slip away, but this was an excellent performance.

POM - Izzy Innalls; OPOM - Tiffany Brice


Somerset Division 3
Emeralds 24, Tudor 42

SYDENHAM Emeralds started the game steadily but were 10-4 down to Tudor at the end of the first quarter.

They then made changes at the start of the second quarter which resulted in more turnovers for the team, and the good play throughout the Emeralds team continued into the third quarter.

Despite putting up a good fight, Emeralds could not beat the experienced Tudor, who ran out 42-24 winners.

The scoreline did not reflect the play from Emeralds - all the team played well and had great fight in them.

Player of the match - Grace Morris; Umpires player of the match - Michelle Jenkins.