Regional League 2
Imperial Royals 64, Bridgwater Jupiter 29

JUPITER travelled to Bristol full of hope on improving last weekend’s result, and aiming to gain their first win but, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

Despite strong defending by player-of-the-match Emily Bridges (GD) and Sally Haysham (GK), Imperials gained a significant lead and an injury to Jupiter centre Alisha Gardener put the visitors off their stride and so Imperials lead 17-4 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Gardener returned to the court and Jupiter started to gain momentum.

Imperials ruthlessly took advantage of errors and continued to increase their lead, so at half-time Jupiter trailed 32-10.

Maddie Kennard (GS), who celebrated her 16th birthday this week, held her space within the shooting circle, converting her goals.

Imperials had to work hard to feed their shooters, but Jupiter just missed getting the point, with the final score 64-29.

Player of the match: Emily Bridges; team sponsor: Associated Roofing and Maintenance, Bridgwater; thanks go to Jill Guymer for scoring for Jupiter.

Somerset Premier
Bridgwater Saturn 48, Wells Swans 54

SATURN started strongly, quickly settling and matching Swans goal for goal, as some greatly timed feeds into the circle by Hannah Sayer (WA) were put away with ease by the birthday girl Sarah Perry (GA) and Morganne Dunn (GS).

Swans led 15-11 after the first quarter but Saturn worked tirelesssly thanks to the defensive trio of Eve Jenner (GD), Bex Dunn (GK) and Jessie Woodberry (WD), which resulted in converted goals for Saturn in a quarter they won 14-11.

The third quarter ended level the quarter ended level and Swans took a one-goal advantage going into the final quarter, 40-39.

Swans started the final quarter applying the pressure, and Saturn didn’t quite have the stamina to match and Swans pulled away to win 54-48.

POM: Sarah Perry

Somerset Division 2
Bridgwater Venus 26, Wells Bishops 55

SATURDAY afternoon saw Venus take on a slick Bishops team, with several home players starting the game out of their usual position, meaning Venus took a bit of time to get on the same wavelength, and Bishops led 17-3.

The second quarter saw Venus come out determined to reduce the deficit, and player-of-the-match, Kayleigh Martin-Haste (GA), showed great movement and court craft.

Good connections with Sharon Ethridge (GS) and great drives and feeds by Gail Cornish (WA) to the two shooters meant Venus converted all opportunities into goals, and now Venus trailed 29-12.

Tiffany Brice (WD) and Elaine Bowerman (C) linked well with Jo Prowse (GS), and trailing 43-18 going into the final quarter, Venus brought on the fresh legs of Jazz Alexander (WD), who linked up well with Aiste Mockeliunaite (GD) and Emily Harwood (GK).

Hard work and effort by the whole of Venus throughout was not enough to get within half, as the game ended 55-26 to Bishops.

POM: Kayleigh Martin-Haste


Somerset Division 1
Sydenham Sapphires 46, Harlequins 23

SAPPHIRES started slowly against Harlequins, but led the game all the way through.

Once the team settled, the hosts’ attack looked good, with Helen Martin and Carly Langdon putting their shots away.

Karis Holleron controlled the game at centre, and with some great play by Carly Martin and Steph Gibson, Sapphires extended their lead.

In the last quarter Emily Rossiter made some fine interceptions, well backed by Nicola Hale (GK), as Sapphires won 46-23 to extend their unbeaten start to the season to four games.

Player of the match: Helen Martin; umpires’ player: Helen Martin and Nicola Hale

Somerset Division 3
Sydenham Emeralds 48, Minstrels 16

EMERALDS played Minstrels and had a confident start, with their centre court players driving forward and creating spaces.

The defence had their best play in the second quarter, restricting Minstrels’ shooters to only scoring four goals.

The Emeralds forward line stepped up their game as well in the third quarter, with accurate shooting and brilliant link-up play to keep the ball.

The whole team continued their positive play in the final period, forcing Minstrels to make mistakes and capitalising on these.