Sydenham Rubies 47, Queensway 42

RUBIES started out strongly against Queensway, with some great play in all areas of the court.

Brilliant shooting from Justine Pearn (GA) and Carly Langdon (GS) meant that Rubies started the second quarter leading 14-13, and some great interceptions and tight marking from Katie Dennison (GK), Kerry Clark (GD) and Jess Bull (WD) ensured that Rubies kept and gained possession, keeping them in the lead 31-18. 

The third quarter allowed Queensway to pull back a little as, despite some great feeding into the circle by Kirsty Richards (C) and Shell Jenkins (WA), Queensway intercepted passes, and used loose balls as a chance to score some goals to narrow the gap. 

In the last quarter, Rubies maintained their lead, with each player creating spaces to get the ball into the circle and sticking tightly onto their players in order to turn the ball over and counter-attack.

Excellent teamwork from Rubies meant they closed out the victory. 

Player of the match - Justine Pearn; umpires’ player - Jess Bull. 

Emeralds 36, Newbarn 31

EMERALDS played Newbarn and had a steady start to the game. 

In the second quarter the defence was excellent and only let in two goals as Emeralds pulled ahead. 

The third quarter started strongly with good link up play between the centre court allowing accurate passing between defence and attack, and Emeralds continued to play well in the final quarter with brilliant movement from the shooters as they closed out the win. 

Player of the match - Katie R; umpires’ player - Lilly Paul.

Chalice 48, Bridgwater Mars 17

IT was another early start for Bridgwater Mars against a very experience Chalice team at Strode. 

The home side took a 12-4 lead despite Anna Belcher, Ella Smith and player-of-the-match Jess Chee playing well.

Chalice led 23-6 at half-time but Mars’ youngsters rallied with great defending from Jazz Alexander and Ashlea Slater.

Despite heading into the last quarter 33-10 down, Mars hit back with some accurate shooting from Jo Prowse and Izzy Innalls to pull it back and end the game 48-17. 

The Mars team will take lots away from the game.

Saturn 38, Abbey 36

SATURN’s second match of the season against Abbey ended with a well deserved win. 

They were only a goal down after the first quarter thanks to strong defence from Emma Cocks and Eve Jenner getting some great rebounds. 

Annia Holleron helped bring the ball down the court along with Hanna Sayer, to help Saturn take the lead ending the first half two goals up 19-17.

In the third quarter, the opponents really stepped up despite some great feeds into the circle from Bex Dunn and Hannah Sayer to the shooters Rebecca Hooper and Maddie Kennard POM, ending the third quarter 29-26 to Abbey.

The team kept pushing in the final quarter with some great passes from Jessie Woodberry down the court and managed to just take the lead, making the final score 38-36 to Saturn. 

Neptune 32, Avalon 41

NEPTUNE took to the court strongly this week, in the sun, to face Avalon.

In the first quarter, great feeds into the circle by Beth Hayes and Katie Anthony saw Neptune take a strong start drawing 6-6 in the first quarter.

In the second quarter ,Neptune held their ground with some excellent tips and interceptions by Abbie Newton and Aiste Mockeliunaite and Freya Braddock.

In the third quarter some accurate shooting from Flora Horrox and Katie Harris saw Neptune hold the gap to 30-24, despite an injury and a change in positions. 

The final quarter saw Neptune put in 100% effort with some nice interceptions from Bex Dunn and some accurate shooting from Becky Hooper.

Players of the match: Aiste Mockeliunaite and Abbie Newton.