Bridgwater Neptune 25, Wyndham 59

NEPTUNE showed good energy against the highly experienced Wyndham, with plenty of court changes.

The youthful side got off to a slow start, falling behind 18-5, but in the second quarter their defence of Abbie Newton (GD) and Emily Harwood (GK) upped their game, and Rebecca Hooper (GS) and Katie Harris (GA) helped them reach 28-13 at half time.

Although the centre court of Cath Clark (C), Katie Anthony (WA) and Freya Braddock (WD) fought hard, Wyndham pulled further ahead to 47-18, and they ultimately won 59-25.

Neptune’s young side may have lost, but they clearly learned a lot from the game.


Bridgwater Venus 24, Aldon 33

VENUS’ first match of the season saw them at home, on a bright sunny day, to Aldon.

They began slowly, with the new line-up getting to know each other, and the first quarter ended 6-4 to the visitors.

The second quarter of the match was Venus’ best, as they scored eight goals.

With Emma Cocks coming on as GK, Venus started to gel as a team, and player of the match Gail Cornish drove hard into the circle to put up some excellent shots.

Still Aldon led, 16-12, and after the third quarter the deficit was 25-17.

More changes followed, with Chris Durrant (C) beginning to have an impact on the game, feeding Sharon Ethridge (GS), who managed to capitalise on them.

But then the weather changed and a heavy downpour began to make play difficult, with Aldon picking up the loose balls.

The game ended with the rain still pouring down, Aldon winning 33-24.


Bridgwater Mars 25, Brendon 18

THE first game of the season for Mars was an early 9am start!

Despite not playing as a team before, they quickly got into a steady routine.

After some great passing into the circle by Jess Chee (C) and Sian Graham (WA), they ended the first quarter 9-6 down.

The second period brought more success for player of the match Jo Prowse (GS) and Izzy Innalls (GA), and the score was 14-14 at halfway.

A change at half time saw Anna Belcher come on as WA to a positive effect, and excellent defending by Ella Smith (WD), Jazz Alexander (GD) and Ashlea Slater (GK) prevented Brendon scoring any goals in the third quarter (21-14).

Towards the end, Mars’ passing became more slick and the goals kept going in, as the match finished 25-18 after an excellent performance.


Sydenham Rubies 34, Kites 40

SYDENHAM Rubies had a closely-fought match with Kites, gaining a slight lead of three goals by the end of the first quarter, and they were two up at half time.

However, their opponents made some changes which enabled them to close the gap, and the sides were level at 27-27 by the end of the third quarter.

Despite an excellent effort, Rubies were unable to prevent Kites pulling ahead in the final quarter, with Kites ultimately winning by six goals.

Player of the match and umpires’ player of the match: Justine Pearne


Bridgwater Mercury:

SMILES: Sydenham Emeralds (L-R) - Lilly Paul, Elizabeth Purchase, Rheanne Lee (playing up), Michelle Jenkins (C), Leah Smith, Jess Bull (C) and Katie Rowles. Missing - Anna Jenkins and Emily Hoare.

Sydenham Emeralds 38, Kingfishers 11

EMERALDS played their first game of the season against Kingfishers from Keinton NC, and started strongly with good shooting.

In the second quarter, Emeralds’ defence gained lots of valuable interceptions and limited the opposition’s scoring.

Meanwhile, the link-up play between centre court worked well, and resulted in fast accurate passing throughout the court into scoring positions.

Emeralds continued to play with precision and forced errors from the opposition, ensuring a brilliant start to the season for Emeralds, who won 38-11.

Player of the match: Jess; umpires’ player of the match: Michelle and Katie