MARS' rearranged fixture against Newbarn was unexpectedly played on the indoor court at Taunton Vale.

The visiting Bridgwater side were inspired by their surroundings and set a fast pace in the first quarter, Hollie Cornish (WD) and centre Jade Edwards, both producing fantastic interceptions to give their team a 14-9 lead at quarter time.

Mars continued to stamp their authority on the game as the defensive duo of Coleen Bartlett (GK) and Emily Page-Symonds (GD) denied Newbarn's attack space in the circle.

At the other end of the court, goal attack Debbie Perry was having a cracking game and the teamwork between her and Paige Langdon (GS) continued to widen the gap in the scores.

Excellent support from Elaine Bartlett (WA) kept Mars on the attack and they ended as strongly as they started with an excellent win. Players of the match were Debbie Perry and Hollie Cornish.