Bridgwater and Albion may have secured maximum points against Cleve on Saturday, but it was a “win-ugly”, according to coach Nick Hill.

In desperate need of points, the 15-12 win should have elated Bridgwater, but it was a shallow victory for the young side.

Hill said: “It was a win-ugly. We weren't very good at all, but won still. The first half was even, the second half was even worse.

“We started off fairly well, but the conditions suited them more and we couldn't get a stranglehold on it.

“We're still a very young side and these lads are only going to get better.”

With no fixtures for the week ahead, Bridgwater will be concentrating on practice to iron out their play.

Hill added: “We need to go back to basics, it's the basic skills that let us down.