Spaxton welcomed Wellington under the glorious sunshine but fell to a defeat in their home opener.

The match began with Wellington deciding to bat, and they moved to 20 after four overs before facing two abrupt wickets.

Hunt, contributing 21, and Yarde, leading with 67, managed to stabilise the game.

With Bishop and Mr Rich bowling, Spaxton seemed to be leading when the score reached 55 for four after 15 overs.

More action was seen in the 23rd over with Mr Rich claiming his fourth victim with a score of 75 for six.

However, Yarde and Moysey held the fort and continued to challenge Spaxton.

Captain Pople's removal of Moysey in the 39th over, along with two run-outs from Mackenzie, left Wellington with a strong close at 187 for nine.

Spaxton's response was slow, the Wellington bowlers claimed the first wicket early, with Rich missing out in the fourth over.

Gamblin and Bishop pushed forward, both making excellent shots, helping Spaxton reach 58 without further loss in 12 overs.

Yet, a double blow from Yarde, who was introduced as a bowler and took two wickets in his first over, swung the momentum back to Wellington's favour; Bishop and Gamblin were removed.

Spaxton found themselves at a disadvantage at 73 for five after 17 overs.

Richards and Pople, however, strived to bridge the gap, with Richards firing an impressive 49 in 22 balls, making the score 125 for five after 25 overs.

With his exit, Spaxton lagged, and Hendy made short work of their remaining players.

The match ended with Spaxton being bowled out in the 34th over for 145, ending their home opener in disappointment.