SOMERSET'S left arm bowler Alfie Ogborne made his championship debut in 2023 in the home match against Hampshire but then missed the rest of the season with a shin injury, writes Richard Walsh.

However, thankfully, the 20-year-old, who came to the fore playing for Bridgwater Cricket Club in the 2022 season and was awarded a contract by Somerset at the end of it, is now fully fit and back in training.

“Things are going really well for me and its great to be back training with everyone again," he said.

"I just love being back here with the boys, there is such a good atmosphere here at this club.

"The shin injury is the first injury I have ever had so to be back playing cricket again is so special. I feel so different about the game than how I used to and I am really desperate to get better all the time.

“I have got some good role models here people like Tom Abell and Craig Overton, and everyone here is on the same page and working for each other and there is a really good atmosphere about the place.”

Alfie talked a little more about his injury.

“I’d had the stress fracture to my shin for a while and played with it through my first class debut as well.  In the end it caused me a lot of pain and held me back from being fully able to contribute to the bowling attack in the game against Hampshire, which we were so close to winning.

“To miss the latter part of the season was really disappointing but the club and the players and the coaches and physio staff were very supportive and said I was young and these things happen to bowlers, which made me feel a little bit more relaxed.”

Alfie talked about living in Taunton and being out and about meeting local people.

“Being able to chat with people out in town and them asking 'how are you' and 'how's your injury' is so good and you can tell that they really care. That is a motivating factor for me to keep on working hard in the gym and I have made some good progress since we have been back.”

Looking ahead Alfie said: “I’d like to get back bowling to full intensity as soon as possible, because I'm still off a short run at the moment and want to build my body up to cope with the demands that will make on me."

Looking towards 2024 Alfie said: “ I really think that after the game I had against Hampshire this year even with a leg injury, I’d to think that I have put my foot in the door a little bit.  I know we have got an exceptional bowling attack here with a lot of depth, but I’d like to think that they can put their faith in me a little bit with me being able to swing the ball a bit more and having that long push across which in red ball is notorious for causing hassle.

“So my target is definitely first class cricket and I want to play more games this year and be knocking on the door all the time. The 50 overs and T20 are also exciting times but it is a dream to win the county championship with Somerset and with every ball I want to take a wicket and every game I want to win.

“I’m also batting a lot and that has improved a lot so Id just love to become a bowling all rounder. I'm happy to bat anywhere Id be out there for as long as I can.”

What about Bridgwater Cricket Club?

“I miss playing for Bridgy and last year was very frustrating for me not being able to play as much as I'd like to. I stay in contact with all the boys and with everyone there and I often catch up with them and spend time in their company. They are my friends and I am very well aware of the support that they have given me. 

He added: “I just love being at Bridgwater among my friends and I love playing cricket there. If the opportunity arises this coming season for me and I need a club to go and bowl some overs then it will be back there at Bridgy.”