BRIDGWATER United's owner and chairman has said that he 'doesn't care' if he loses a few fans after this week as he has big plans for the club.

Earlier this week Ian Davis sacked long-time manager Dave Pearse with the club stating that it was time for a change.

Bridgwater currently sit second in the Toolstation Western League table and have seen former Bristol City stalwart Andy Llewellyn take over as manager.

Speaking on BBC Somerset, Davis said that sometimes the fans think they know best, but 'that isn't always the case'.

"The trouble with fans, and we all need fans obviously, the trouble is, they pay £5 or £10 to get into a football club, and voice their opinion like everything they say they know the best," he said.

Bridgwater Mercury: Ian Davis at Fairfax Park.Ian Davis at Fairfax Park. (Image: Craig Blake)

"Dave (Pearse) has been there for seven years, two years Covid admittedly, he's had the highest budget in the league for the last near on three seasons and he hasn't bought them promotion.

"He is a nice lad, but he's not the lad I feel has the strength and know how to take the club where I want it to go and where it is aiming to go, why wait until the end of the season."

He likened the sacking to if Manchester City lost to three lesser clubs in the Premier League, there would be a managerial change.

"If Manchester City lose to Luton, Burnley and Watford, there would be a reaction," he said.

"As far I am concerned Dave Pearse has lost to Luton, Watford and Burnley, and I am reacting."


He went on to say that the new manager, Andy Llewellyn will help take the team forward even further.

"Andy Llewellyn has stepped in, he is a seasoned pro for Bristol City, this team is going places," he said.

"The fans should still be happy, you support Bridgwater United, you don't support the manager.

"We are bringing that community together and if the 30 or 40 keyboard warriors want to go and watch Taunton, get in a car and go down and watch Taunton, I don't care."

Earlier this season, Davis was given a ground ban suspension from all football activity for a period of 98 days by the Somerset FA.

According to the FA, this was due to Davis using threatening behaviour towards the referee after Bridgwater's match against Helston Athletic FC on August 12.

"There's no smoke without fire, clarification from the FA on certain bits of it haven't been sent through but there is truth in that," Davis said.

Bridgwater Mercury: Ian Davis (middle) with former manager Dave Pearse (left) and new manager Andy Llewellyn (right).Ian Davis (middle) with former manager Dave Pearse (left) and new manager Andy Llewellyn (right). (Image: Craig Blake)

"But a person has come in with a strong personality, took the club out of absolutely going nowhere and definitely folding, got them second in the table."

And Davis touched on the Gravity development which is set to bring more jobs to the town of Bridgwater and how that will bring more fans to the club.

"We are going to go up, up and up. I know where the club is going, and if the fans don't want to come, don't come," he said.

"We have new fans coming, there are thousands of jobs being created in Bridgwater, I know what I want to do because of my own pride, and that is take this club places it has never been before and that is what is going to happen."

To finish, Davis said: "We are taking the club where it needs to go, with or without a handful of fans.

"If people can't be thankful for what we have done and try to do, and can't get behind us, then I don't really want them there anyway."