LAST week saw the return of the majority of the Somerset squad for pre-season training at the Cooper Associates County Ground.

Captain Tom Abell, speaking on the club's YouTube channel, discussed how keen the team is to get back into the swing of training.

"It is really good to be back, it is always nice when you spend some time away from each other to get back and catch up," he said.

"There is a good feeling amongst the group, we are looking forward to getting back into training as there are things we are pretty keen to work on.

It is great to have pretty much the whole squad here bar a couple, so hopefully we can set the foundations now for next season."

He added that the team feels it is important that they use the training now to prepare properly for next Summer.

"I think there are so many factors that effect performance and having a good season, and a massive part of that is your cricket skills but another part of it is the team environment that you build," he said.

"That starts now with out training and how we operate, how we work together, the energy we bring day in day out. It all contributes to how we will perform in the Summer."

The players are set on using this time to develop as a group and build together.

"It is a great chance to help each other, and learn from each other," Abell added.

"If we can do that, we will be in a better place to progress and develop as a group next Summer.

"Yes, there is a huge individual aspect when it comes to cricket, but I think we have seen not only in cricket but in all sports the effect that being a good team can have."

Abell said that is a message and goal the Somerset squad has been working on for a while and will continue with that.

"That is a big emphasis for us and has been for a while - try and build a good team," he said.

"Within that, if we can develop as players as well, that will give us a good chance."

In terms of the training itself, Abell added at the moment the squad has been going through testing and fitness work.

"The first week back is testing, which is never a week you look forward to."

"But there is all sorts of fitness tests, speed tests and checks with the physio. Our programs are built and tailored to us for the next few months from there."

He finished by touching on the cold and wet weather in the South West and how that will impact training.

"I am sure over the next couple of months there will be some interesting sessions, like running in the cold and things like that.

"Hopefully that will build our characters and if we can combine that with some good work on our skills, hopefully that is the compilation we will be after."