BRIDGWATER Hockey Club enjoyed an all round successful weekend with wins for a number of their teams.

Most importantly though, the Men's Fourths picked up their first win of the season.

After continually improving throughout the campaign they managed to defeat Yeovil in what was a brilliant performance.

A couple of weeks ago, they bagged their first point of the season and continued their upward trend with this win.

A spokesperson from the club said: "A great result for the younger generation and the experienced heads supporting them."

Elsewhere, the three Ladies teams at the club all won their respective matches.

The Women’s 1s defeated Teign 1-0 in what a close encounter, the Seconds comfortably beat Burnham 7-1 and finally the Thirds got a 4-1 win over Tiverton.

"Big up our ladies side of the club today! All three teams took home three points for the first time this season!"