SOMERSET'S big signing for the 2023 season, Tom Kohler-Cadmore has been in and around the squad training for a few weeks now.

He recently discussed his reasons for joining the club and his goals for the year ahead. He said the goal is to win.

"I have loved it here so far, I have got to know the boys and I am enjoying everything about the club," he said.

"The work ethic is great and I am really looking forward to my next three years down here.

"I have played with Tom Abell on some Lions trips and played against Lammonby and Smeed a fair bit so I know a few of the players well already."

In terms of why he joined the club, he said: "Obviously the pitch down here is really good and as a batter you want to put yourself on better wickets to get it slightly easier for yourself rather than a terrible pitch that you are struggling to bat on.

"But also the lads, how close they are, this feels like one big family. And for me that is something I want in my cricket, to play really hard and play hard for the team but be close to them and care for them not just with cricket but as a human being. I feel like down here you do that really well so that was a big lure to me."

Then discussing his goals, he added: ""Personally, I would love to play for England but for the team is to win trophies. I would like to win the first County Championship for the club, I think that would be massive.

"Obviously the white ball stuff as well but for me it is kind of as a club we are improving and getting better. And not just a one off win but to be there contesting trophies every year."

And according to Tom, winning trophies is what would make a good season ahead.

"Winning. I think for me it is all about winning trophies or at least progressing in the right direction. I would like that to be the reputation for us to deliver to the rest of the counties.

"I really enjoyed my reception last year, thank you very much, even though it was for Yorkshire. But I am really looking forward to getting to know some of you and seeing you down here. Keep up the great support, thank you."