WHO would ever have envisaged the challenges that the newly elected Board of Directors at Enmore Park Golf Club would face almost as soon as they took office back in March 2020, writes Richard Walsh.

The board recognised that, during lockdown, communication with members was essential, so regular updates and support followed.

During the past year the main objectives of the board have been: to return to a safe environment; to return to a golf course in good order; to ensure the club’s finances are in order so that the focus can be on improvements for the course with the future investment; and to have an excellent programme of keeping the members well informed and up to date.

Reflecting on what has been a very tough year for everyone at Enmore Park, the board and staff believe they have achieved their targets.

Long-time member Rob Fear said: “The Enmore Board has done a first-class job in protecting the financial stability of the club and kept us well informed at every stage of the government’s pandemic measures.

“As members, we have been rewarded for our loyalty with credits to our restaurant and bar card, which we look forward to using soon.

“At the same time, the board has supported the staff through these difficult and uncertain times, so they could be confident their jobs would be safe for them to return to.

“The online golf lessons made by the pro, Barry Forster, have been beneficial and I can’t wait to put them into practice.

“Similarly, it’s been nice to have the occasional walk across the course and watch some of the improvements made, including widening the fifth tee.”

Another long-time member, Ruth MacLennan, said: “The weekly updates are one of the much-needed ‘constants’ in these changing times.

“From a member’s point of view, I feel as involved in the club as ever, and I am excited to see all the improvements on March 29.”

While the board has found new ways of doing business, with Zoom meetings being central, returning to face-to-face meetings will be a real bonus - not only for the board, but also for all the committees that ensure the golf club runs smoothly.

Enmore chairman Martyn Clapp said: “Without the members’ loyalty and support, investment and improvements to the course in 2021 would have been delayed or even cancelled.”

To find out more about Enmore, you can email club manager Simon Rendle via manager@enmorepark.co.uk.