THE Greenkeeping team at Enmore Park Golf Club have been working hard and the course is really starting to take shape ready for the eagerly anticipated return of its members on March 29, writes Richard Walsh.

There may have been a lengthy lockdown, but during this break a lot of maintenance work - and a number of other improvements - were a priority for the Greenkeeping team.

The challenge for the club was to get as much of the work undertaken in spite of the inclement winter weather, which seemed to consist of storms and more storms!

Hopefully we have moved on from the high volumes of rainfall seen in the early part of the year, and some of the paths around the course have been edged, weeded and refreshed with new pathing material.

In addition, the refurbishment and extension of the Gents’ fifth tee area has been completed; the base of the area has been extended with soil, consolidated and allowed to settle.

The turf has now been applied and is being allowed to settle and root, following a fertiliser application.

All fairways, areas in the semi-rough and tees have had verti-draining work completed, and all greens have undergone extensive aeration work before being dressed with sand, with further dressings scheduled before the course re-opens.

The process of verti-draining helps with drainage and alleviates compaction both on the surface and through the soil profile, improving the movement of air and water within the soil, in a bid to provide the best playing surfaces possible.

A lowering of cutting heights and increase in cutting frequency has been adopted to improve the playing surfaces and create better definition throughout the course.

Enmore manager Simon Rendle said: “The management and greenkeeping team are looking forward to welcoming back existing members and new members alike to enjoy the golf course and experience the excellent views of our wonderful location.”

Anybody who would like to see more can visit the Enmore website to take a tour or attend the Virtual Open Day on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

If that appeals, you can contact Rendle via