SIMON Rendle, the manager at Enmore Park Golf Club, has experienced something of a rollercoaster ride since taking on his current role in 2018, writes Richard Walsh.

Over the course of the last year he has had to cope with three lockdowns, something never experienced previously.

Luckily Rendle worked at Enmore for five years prior to being appointed to his current role, so knows what the day-to-day running of the club is like in more ‘normal’ times.

In the first lockdown the manager was furloughed, but since then he has been back working at his desk.

He said: “Without members out on the course coming to work at Enmore is a very strange place to be, because we work in a people-driven and customer-driven environment but there are no people about!”

“The vast majority of the administrative logistical work at Enmore is undertaken during the winter months when the golf course is quiet, making sure that we have got everything in place ready for the following season.

“In addition to this, our financial year end coincides with the calendar year, and we are also busy sending out renewal notices.”

When does the Enmore manager think that golf might be able to resume?

“My personal view is it will be the middle to the end of March that we will be seeing members returning to play golf in some sort of format.”

During the current lockdown the greenkeepers have undertaken work out on the course to improve the members’ experience when they do return.

“We are in the process of re-levelling the fifth tee and have undertaken some much needed restoration work on the ponds,” Rendle said.

“There have been some new paths installed to make sure that, when we can get back and regardless of the weather, we can hopefully provide more access to those who require buggies.

“I think it will be a little while yet before we see people back in the clubhouse, but we are in the business of providing excellent golf facilities for our members to enjoy.

“Without a doubt golf is one of the most sociable of sports - you get to spend up to four hours in the company of friends and then ordinarily you get to spend time socializing with them afterwards in the clubhouse.”

He added: “What everyone at Enmore wants above all is to be able to welcome members back, and see everybody enjoying the course and facilities that have been provided for them.

“It just can’t come soon enough!”