ENMORE Park Golf Club is celebrating the achievement of England Golf's Women’s Golf Charter accreditation, writes Richard Walsh.

The award reflects the work the golf club has undertaken to promote golf to women during 2019 and 2020.

The success has been due to the hard work of the Women into Golf focus group members and the outstanding group of women volunteers who acted as a buddy or ambassador for the players.

Enmore aims to increase the number of women and girls playing and working in golf, and the charter enables a sustained approach to achieve this very important aim.

The club’s development director, Gwen Cavill, who has been one of the driving forces behind Enmore achieving the charter, said: “What a privilege to be involved with so many enthusiastic women who volunteer to support the Enmore ‘Women into Golf’ programmes.

“With such excellent support, new to golf players feel confident to join coaching sessions and become members of the club.”

Barry Forster, head golf professional at Enmore, said: “The Women’s Golf Charter achievement is another example of the forward-thinking philosophy instilled by the section and club - not only growing the women’s game but playing a vital role in progressing the club as a whole.

“There has never been a better time to join a golf club, as the health and wellbeing benefits - together with a strong social scene - make it the perfect sport to play.”

As part of the Women’s Golf Charter, Enmore commits to the following:

  • To support women to take up leadership roles in the club
  • To create a membership pathway, for women, girls and families to progress within the club
  • To deliver a minimum number of four programmes each year targeting women/girls and families that align with key England Golf campaigns
  • To formally promote inclusion to the broader community via the club website, social media accounts and local community groups
  • To implement a systematic and rigorous data capture system to provide information on women’s participation in golf
  • To have a designated Charter Champion, together with appointed champions/ambassadors/buddies who can assist and support new participants and members

Enmore has already made its plans to deliver the requirements of the Golf Charter for 2021, Covid-19 restrictions permitting, and these include Virtual Open Days, Golf in a Day, Girls Golf Rocks, Bubbles and Balls, Family Coaching, Family Pro Am and Coaching for Schools.

For more information, you can contact Forster via pro@enmorepark.co.uk or Simon Rendle, club manager at Enmore, via manager@enmorepark.co.uk.