LOCKDOWN has meant exactly that for two Enmore Park Golf Club ladies, Jackie Bull and Sue Hockley, who have been marooned in Spain since the regime was introduced by the authorities, writes Richard Walsh.

Bull, who was lady captain in 2018, said: “Lockdown in Spain has meant total lockdown and is very tough; breaking the rules risks a minimum €600 fine, up to a maximum of €30k, so everyone does as they are told!

"There are road blocks on all motorways and exits from towns and villages, and the Guardia Civil take no prisoners and even drove round the buggy paths on the golf courses!"

Hockley said: “All was good here with lovely weather until lockdown began on Friday, March 13, when all bars, restaurants and golf courses were told to close, followed by all shops other than supermarkets and pharmacies.

"The weather was rather grim here during our first four weeks of lockdown, while you were enjoying lovely warm sunshine in the UK.

“Our orders were to remain at home other than walking or driving to our nearest supermarket, chemist or petrol station, although dog walking was allowed, which helped keep me sane.”

The saving grace for both ladies, however, has been the contact they have retained with their friends at Enmore Park GC and video links with family.

“We keep in touch by email, as we do with our friends at Enmore, exchange jokes and join up for the Enmore quiz," added Hockley.

"We are enjoying taking part."

Bull said: “The communications from Enmore are very welcome; the weekly updates, photos of the course and letters from the Board, not to mention the lockdown lessons from Barry [Forster, club professional].

"Social distancing will no doubt be with us for some time but let’s hope it won’t be too long before the courses are fully open again and we are back home playing the game we all enjoy so much.

“We have both felt safe here, as Murcia has one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 and associated deaths compared to other regions.

"We are now in Phase 2 of the de-escalation of lockdown and our golf courses have fully opened so life is looking up, but we are definitely looking forward to getting home and meeting up with everyone back at Enmore Park again.

“We are somewhat unsure as to when we will get back to the UK.

"We are currently on Brittany Ferry’s repatriation list via freight ferry and are booked on a ferry on June 24.

"We have also booked yet another flight on July 2.”