ALWAYS optimistic, Bridgwater Netball Club is looking ahead to life after lockdown and the time that all clubs can take to the court again.

Although it’s not clear, the club is hopeful that the 2020/21 season will start as normal in September, with all players in good health if not as fit as they’d like!

In anticipation of the opportunity to play again, the club acknowledges the loss of players heading off to university and those mums who are currently looking forward to the arrival of the next generation of netballers (hopefully!), and to that end the club would love to see new faces joining for its indoor training sessions.

Netball is a fantastic way to keep fit, irrespective of age or the level you choose to play at.

Because Bridgwater NC is friendly, competitive and fun, it’s also a great way to meet new people.

There’s a healthy amount of competition between the club’s teams, but at the end of the day everyone is there to enjoy themselves.

Prior to joining the club, lots of players hadn’t touched a netball since their school or university days, so you would not be the only one in this position.

You don’t need any special kit to take part, just clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in and suitable footwear (ideally trainers that lace up).

The club has an enthusiastic junior section which eventually feeds into the senior club, and would love to see girls who’ve had enough of being stuck indoors and would like the opportunity to run around and develop ball skills.

The club’s junior coaches are happy to take girls from school year 5 up to year 9; years 10-11 will filter into the senior club.

If this appeals to you, either as a player or someone who’s interested in coaching, and you’d like to be kept in the loop, contact and you will be added to the club’s distribution list.