BRIDGWATER Town captain Mark Armstrong admits the team were “not streetwise enough” this season, but says there is a “really good vibe” around the club.

Armstrong, as with all footballers in the UK, is waiting for the chance to train and play again, with the country in lockdown due to coronavirus.

The virus brought a premature end to the Western League season, with all results expunged, and Armstrong believes football’s authorities had little choice.

“It’s unprecedented - we’ve never seen anything like this, it’s utter madness,” he said.

“I don’t know what else the league could have done; you have to write the season off.”

The season ended with Bridgwater sitting eighth in the Premier Division, having been unable to mount a sustained promotion push.

Armstrong said: “The previous season we did really well [finishing fourth], and this season we brought in good players, thought we’d be in the mix, but it hasn’t worked out.

“Maybe we took it for granted, and it’s been tougher with Tavistock and Exmouth coming in, and the league getting stronger and stronger.

“We have had a decent squad but we’ve made too many mistakes and lost silly games, like against Bitton [having been 2-0 up, they lost 3-2].

“There’s no doubting the talent we have but we’ve not been streetwise enough.”

That said, Armstrong believes good times could be just around the corner.

“I’ve been really honoured to be captain, and I’ve found the lads to be spot on,” he said.

“I’ve played for a few different clubs at this level, but I’ve never been in a dressing room where everyone clicks before - there are no bad eggs here.

“There’s a really good vibe around the club and that filters into the team."

Looking ahead, Armstrong added: “It’s just about making sure we come back in decent nick.

"Mentally it’s tough, not knowing if we’re going to be back in July, but everyone’s health is the number one priority.

“I would anticipate it being a similar squad, though I’m not sure about Dave and Karl’s plans.

“We have a decent squad of really good players, a mix of experience and young players coming through, so I wouldn’t anticipate too many changes.

“We know we’ve underachieved this year, it’s not been good enough.

“With a trimmed squad, we’ve definitely got to be kicking on next year, learning from our mistakes this season.

“We have a great fanbase here - we want to reward them and build a bigger crowd at Fairfax Park.”