Jupiter 36, Newton 56

BRIDGWATER Jupiter started well, with accurate shooting from Katy Cheese, but after the first quarter they trailed 12-9.

Accurate feeding from Amy Shaw and solid play in both ends of the court from Sammie Griffin saw Jupiter double their second quarter score.

Great defensive pressure and turn over ball from Lisa Lukins, along with strong linking play from Baylea Charles, made Newton’s third quarter their hardest.

However, Jupiter could not close the gap and ultimately they finished on the losing side.

Player of the match & opposition’s player of the match: Sammie Griffin; sponsor: Associated Roofing and Maintainance

Saturn 47, Wyndham 33

EVE Jenner (GK) got numerous early interceptions which, combined with the great drives and feeds from Cerys Ethridge (C) and Izzy Innalls (WA), saw Saturn end the opening quarter 13-10.

Saturn’s early lead didn’t last for long and at half-time it was 21-21.

Saturn’s defence improved, though, and Katie Anthony (WD), Sally Haysham (GD) and Abbie Newton (GK) were able to link up with Jess Chee (WA) to put Saturn ahead.

The final quarter was Saturn’s best, with great movement from Kia Jenner (GA) and pinpoint shooting from Becky Hooper (GS).

POM: Becky Hooper, OPOM: Cerys Etheridge; sponsor: Merrick Construction

Neptune 33, Henford 71

BRIDGWATER Neptune got off to a slow start against an experienced Yeovil team.

Despite Emma Cocks and Julie McClean working tirelessly in defence, Henford led 18-6 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter saw good links between Lillie Mill, Hazel Hucker and Jess Chee but Henford pulled away to 30-12.

Izzy Keane created chances for Kia Jenner and Rachael Selway, who took advantage as Neptune enjoyed their best quarter.

Rachael Selway continued to make impressive long range shots in her Neptune debut but they ended well beaten.

POM & OPOM: Izzy Keane; sponsor: Powercuts Hair Salon

Venus 14, Minstrels 37

VENUS were up against good opposition but defenders Ashlea Slater and Cailtin Howe made numerous interceptions and stretched Minstrels’ shooters early on.

Centre court players Tiff Brice, Sarah Gee and Alex Davey worked hard throughout and mother-daughter shooting duo Becky and Immy Kennard were in fine form.

Despite ending on the losing side, this was a good all-round effort.

POM: Ashlea Slater, OPOM: Alex Davey; sponsor: TMB Patterns Ltd

Mars 46, Doves 19

MARS started with a mix of experienced and young players and they gelled quickly, with long passes into the shooters by Chris Durant enabling Mars to end the quarter 13-4 up.

Amy Miller (GD) and Coleen Bartlett (GK) worked tirelessly together to slow the flow of the shots by the Doves’ shooters.

Mars held on to their lead and the second quarter finished 25-9.

Mars made changes in the final two quarters but maintained their comfortable lead.

POM & OPOM: Maisey Pope

Luna 32, Comeytrowe 25

LUNA worked well as a team and played a steady first quarter.

Sharon Ethridge and Sarah Edwards worked well in the circle whilst Rebecca Dunn and Michaela Hoppins defended well.

Fresh legs from Bethan Coleman and Kate Atyeo turned over possession to achieve Luna’s highest scoring quarter in the match.

With a last push in the final 15 minutes, Luna took the score to 32-25.

POM: Michaela Hopkins; OPOM: Sarah Edwards; sponsor: Paul Atyeo Building Services


Sapphires 24, Abbey 47

SYDENHAM Sapphires got off to a rocky start and ended the first quarter 12-3 down.

The second quarter was much more positive and was drawn 9-9.

Overall, however, Sapphires weren’t able to stop Abbey from running away with the score in the next two quarters and the final score was 47-24.

POM: Susan Bushnell, UPOM: Tanisha Birch & Susan Bushnell, OPOM: Tanisha Birch

Rubies 39, Chalice 63

In the first quarter, every player went out strongly in defence and attack (7-10).

In the second quarter, Chalice got into the swings of things and took the lead to 13-29.

With a few changes, Rubies managed to close the gap with great shooting from Hollie and Laura, and strong support from Lilly and Hannah, but Chalice ultimately took the win.

POM & OPOM: Lily Garwood; UPOM: Charlie Webb; matches sponsored by Myra Richards in memory of Gordon Richards